Wave BoGeer Touch Screen Wireless Multi-Function Waterproof Stopwatch for Bike – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Material: ABS, with pause: Yes, 2.7-inch large screen design, wide operating temperature! Import sensor! Highlight the white light display, double-line four windows display, color boxed. Note: The car can be used wheels diameter 10.00CM-99.99CM (4 inch ~ 40 inch car), the main function: dynamic display mileage , Ride time, Real-time speed, Travel time, Calories burned, Current time, Current date; At any time Query fastest speed, average speed, total driving time, total mileage, current temperature, car, wheel rpm; Input function, more accurate calorie calculation, with luminous function, high-end high-brightness backlight, allowing you to check the information at a glance at night; with metric / English unit selection, suitable for different users at home and abroad use; low battery tips, let You keep abreast of the work of the code table; maintenance reminder function (every 300 km prompted need to add lubricant), bicycle maintenance reminder function (every 500 km to remind the bike needs maintenance), low electricity reminder function, do not worry long-distance travel; / 24 hours, Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature unit selection, calendar function, you travel more certainty; stopwatch function, allowing you to accurately grasp Race information; with speeding reminder function, allowing you to drive safer; wide range of applications, suitable for 4 "-40" bike / electric car, or even motorcycle; dynamic acceleration and deceleration instructions, keep track of speed changes; , Stable performance, accurate speed, wide operating temperature; ambient temperature display, clock function; automatic shutdown function, stylish exterior design, waterproof design, portable, easy to disassemble.

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