YENISEI XP80X38 12VDC 100Kg 220.5 lb 80x38mm Sucked Electric Lifting Magnet Electromagnet


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Overview and Specifications:

Product name: electromagnet solenoid;
Rated Voltage: DC 12V;
Lifting force: 100kg/220. 5lb   
Overall Size: 80 x 38 mm /3. 15" x 1. 5"(Dia. *T);
Thread DIA: 6. 8mm Suction solenoid in the energized state can produce a strong adhesive force,it can be installed in automation equipment to be adsorbed to stop or move objects play a role.


Widely used in automated production lines and distribution,sorting machinery,transport robots,test equipment,medical,grinding,cutting,cutting and other automated processing production line material or product,delivery.

1, the surface of the object to be adsorbed should be as flat as possible,
2, being sucked the thickness of more than 4MM,
3, the adsorption area is larger than the suction side of the electromagnet,
4, can not have something separated, to fully contact with fit,
Effective distance is zero (must be veneer)
All solenoids are weakly suctioned at intervals of 1 mm.
Attraction refers to the electromagnet suction surface and adsorbed iron
(Magnetic metal) after the full contact with the power generated by the suction

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