YouOKLight 10W LED Daylight Cold White Floodlight, Motion Sensor PIR Flood Light, Waterproof Outdoor Security Lamp


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Overview and Specifications:

Sensitive Motion Sensor: The LED floodlight can automatically turn on when the PIR motion sensor detects movement of humans, animals(3 adjustable settings)

Robust: Aluminum alloy shell brings good heat dissipation performance,waterproof and corrosion resistance.Indoor and outdoor use for basketball and football pitches,garden,car park,hotel and forecourt.

Wattage: 10W 
Luminous Flux: 800lm 
Beam angle: 120 degree
Color Rendering Index (CRI) : 75
Working Temperature: -25℃~ 45℃
Waterproof : lighting for IP65,sensor for IP44 
Color Temperature: 6000K Daylight White
Detection range:120-180º horizontal & 0-90º vertical
Input Voltage/Current Frequency: 90V~240V / AC 50-60HZ 

Overheating protection 
The housing is produced by an aluminum die-casting process and offers ideal conditions for passive heat dissipation, which protects the interior of the lamp from overheating. In the front area, hard glass is installed, which convinces with a high light permeability. 

Configuration by three rotary knobs 
SENS—adjust the sensor's sensitivity to movement Detection distance: 1 ~ 10m (adjustable) the best effect of 8 meters, the ambient temperature of 24 degrees, up to 12m(40 feet) Detection range: 180° twistable up and down, left and right. 
TIME—set the light duration time, from 6 seconds to 8 minutes.when the small dot spins to the maximal position, the light will stay on for the longest(480 seconds) once it has detected motion; when to the minimal position, the shortest (6 seconds).
LUX—when the small dot spins to the maximal position(the sun), the sensor will work even in the daytime; when to the minimal position(the moon),it will only work when it is completely dark.

Install work
1.Fixed Bracket:Put the bracket onto the prepared mounting hole and then fasten the device with the screw.
2.Wiring work:According to actual need to lengthen or shorten the line length.
3.Mode Selection:Turn on the power and Adjust the PIR Setting mode.

★Note: When the first use of the three adjustment switch to the maximum value, power after the lights and so on after the lights go out to work and can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the three switches to achieve the purpose.

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