YouOKLight E27 12W 3 Mode Bug Mosquito Zapper 12-2835 SMD LED Light Bulb Insect Fly Killer, Built in Insect Trap


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Overview and Specifications:

Physical Anti-mosquito Technology, More Effective: The bug zapper light bulb adopts a new physical anti-mosquito technology which is effective in killing flies, mosquitoes, moths, fleas and bug gnats. With all open-style design, the insects will be attracted by UV light and be killed by the powerful electric shock,just like a fly trap or insect trap.It can be an insect killer,fly killer as well as mosquito killer.

Multi-purpose, More Considerable : 3 modes can be chose by controlling switch. High Brightness + UV / Low Brightness + UV / UV. The mosquito zapper keeps working quietly for you and your families to protect them all night long. The LED light is not only bright enough to light up a room but also soft enough to protect your eyes.

Human-centered Design, Easier Operation: The fly zapper adopt a special 45 degrees slope design , making bug (fruit fly,mosquito,moth,flea and so on)corpses automatically slide down. For daily cleaning, you just pull the bug zapper bulb out of the lamp holder and clean it with a brush after making sure that the unit is unplugged from an electrical outlet.

Low Power Consumption, More Eco-friendly: Stop exposing your family and yourself to harmful chemicals. The bug zapper light bulb is your preferred chemical-free and radiation-free alternative.

Easy to install and easy to clean: plug the bug zapper into an E27 lamp holder and switch the on/off button. You only should pick it out of the lamp holder and clean it with a brush after cutting the power. 

Safe for your family: The harmless plastic shell insulates you and your children from any possible danger. A protective grid avoid you touching the buzzing zapper grid. 

Indoor & Outdoor Use, Wider Application: The insect zapper is suitable for indoor (home, garage, kitchen) & outdoor (porch, shed, patio) use.And the bug zapper light can be installed in anywhere with a suitable lampholder. For a better result, 1.5m away from the floor is the best installation height to help you eliminate mosquitoes and bugs more effectively.

▶Make sure the local voltage and frequency is suitable for the device.( Suitable Voltage: 220V ). 
▶Do not intend to touch the internal high-voltage grids. Never put metal objects inside the grids when using. 
▶Do not wash the device with water or place it in the rain. 
▶Keep the device away from children's reach. ​