ZHAOYAO 10Pcs High-Speed Steel Titanium Router Cutter Bits for Wood Cutting, Machine Milling


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Overview and Specifications:

These cutters are made from high speed steel for high hardness and long service life.Surface is coated with titanium for anti-oxidation and makes these cutters more durable.Large capacity chip groove and sharp cutting edge would improve working efficiency and product quality.A wide range of materials can be engraved, including: copper, aluminum, other soft metal, ABS, acrylic, PVC, nylon, resin, most plastics, woods, fibre glass, etc.Ten cutters in different shapes and sizes, usually used on electric trimmers for wood trimming, milling and other processing.  

Material: High speed steel
Surface Finishing: Titanium plating
Shank Diameter: 3.175mm(1/8")
Length: Approx. 40mm(1.57")
Package Includes:
1 x Slot cutter Diameter 3.2mm
1 x Slot cutter Diameter 5.0mm
1 x Slot cutter Diameter 6.5mm
1 x Rounding over cutter Diameter 6.4mm
1 x V-slot cutter Diameter 6.5mm
1 x Combi cutter 6.5/2.5mm
1 x Core box bit 3.2mm radius
1 x Rebating cutter 6.4mm
1 x Edge cutter with pin Diameter 5.0mm
1 x Half round cutter Diameter 13mm

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