ZHAOYAO 9-50V 2000W 40A PWM DC Motor Current Speed Control Governor Switch Modules (3 PCS)


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Overview and Specifications:

XY-L-1240 direct current governor is positioned as an entry-level industrial governor with features of small size, wide voltage, high current, low temperature rise, high reliability, and low price.

 Technical indicators:
(1) Operating voltage: DC10V-DC50V Wide operating voltage range

(2) Control power: 0.01-2000W (maximum rated current 40A) Different operating voltages correspond to different control powers as follows;

        Operating voltage 12V 12V*40A =480W

        Working voltage 24V 24V*40A =960W

        Working voltage 36V 36V*40A =1440W

        Operating voltage 40V 40V*40A =1600W

        Operating voltage 50V 50V*40A =2000W

(3) Quiescent Current: 0.025A (The quiescent current will not exceed 25mA when the operating voltage is from DC10V to DC50V)

(4) PWM duty cycle: 5%-100%

(5) PWM frequency: 12khz

(6) Operating temperature: -20 – 40 (ambient temperature is minus 20 degrees to 40 degrees above zero) The speed governor is of industrial quality and can work stably below zero degrees. General commercial quality governor It is not possible to work stably below zero.

Circuit board dimensions: 90 mm long, 51 mm wide, and 30 mm height (does not include potentiometer adjustments)