ZHAOYAO Cable Extension Coupler for Coax F81 (male to male) 3GHz Satellite, Cable TV, and Cable Internet Rated (10 PCS)


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Overview and Specifications:

This cable extension adapter connects two coaxial video cables for TV’s, DVD’s, DVR’s, VCR players and more (including compatible modems, antennas and other analog setups). Featuring easy to screw in F-pin connections, this coupler is designed for indoor and outdoor use, seamlessly connecting, joining and extending the length of RG58, RG59, RG6, and RG11 coax cables. By providing a reliable and durable signal transfer, our 3GHz rated coax couplers offer high quality, weather resistant connectors with low signal attenuation and support for both, audio & video use. Also installs easily to most wallplates.

Effectively handles signals for major cable television, satellite tv and internet providers, including:
Comcast (Xfinity)VerizonCharter CableDIRECTV (Now AT&T)Dish Networkand More

Technical Specifications
3.0 GHz Rated
75 Ohm Connector
F81 Type (F Pin)
Male to Male
Splice or 'Barrel Connector'