ZHAOYAO Mountain Bike 7-LED Headlight Lamp Kit with 18650 Battery + EU Plug Charger


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Overview and Specifications:

A full set of accessories includes: 1 bicycle lamp + 6 18650 battery packs + 8.4V dedicated charger 1 + fixed apron 1 pair
A set of packaging size: 25cm x 8cm x 8cm
Software stalls: high/low/burst flash (third gear)
3 modes: High> Low> Flash Mode. With high efficiency, practical, energy-saving features.
2-in-1 design for use with bicycle headlights or headlights
Waterproof design can still be used normally on rainy days.
Brand new original imported LED lamp beads, LED life up to 100,000 hours,
The battery pack is specially customized for lithium battery packs. The non-garbage battery pack is comparable and can be recharged several hundred times.
Aluminum alloy material is good, the surface of the hard oxidation process delicate.
Reflector cup plating process is good, bright enough, perfect spot.
The best circuit boards and chargers are not replaced by low-voltage boards and chargers for cost saving.
The so-called one-penny-one goods, adhere to good materials, good quality, high cost performance.
Voltage: 8.4V