ZHAOYAO Outdoor LED Solar Powered Mosquito Killer Plug Street Light Garden Light


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Overview and Specifications:

The solar lamp is relying on the solar cells above it to absorb sunlight during the day and convert it into electric energy and store it in the rechargeable battery inside the lamp. When the sky is dark in the evening, the top solar panel will sense and make the lamp light up.
Note: The anti-mosquito effect can not be compared with the electric mosquito-repellent incense, and it can't be compared with the household electric mosquito killer. After all, this is solar energy!
Mosquito killer works:
Through the top of the solar panels into electrical energy, during the day through the solar panels into electricity stored in rechargeable batteries, until dark at night (you can also block the solar panels by hand, so enter the evening mode), solar panels can no longer on the battery When it is charged, the light will automatically light up. This luminaire is suitable for use in courtyards, lawns, balconies, etc. It does not require wiring or separate power supply. It does not need to be installed, it is inserted directly on the lawn, and it is automatically charged during the day and automatically lights up at night.
Automatically turn on the high-voltage electrode network and the phototaxis lamp according to the light illumination. The wavelength produced by the violet light has a strong back-to-light, wave-like, color-rendering, and tropism characteristics for mosquitoes and insects, and determines the induced wavelength of the mosquito, using the low-temperature plasma generated by the discharge, and the ultraviolet radiation. The light-exciting effect of pests induces pests to pounce on the light source. High-voltage killing nets are used outside the light source to kill pests and achieve the purpose of killing pests.
In the case of full power, work continuously for more than 8 hours. Rainy days can only light for a while, solar energy is the need for sunshine!
 Turn the solar mosquito killer switch to "ON1" or "ON2" and put it in a sunny place so that the solar panel can reach 45 degrees to 90 degrees with light, and in the sun (E>=20000 LX), it can be sundaed for 4-10 hours. The battery is full. In the evening, if the switch is on "ON1" it is a mosquito killing function, if the switch is on "ON2" it is a lighting function.
Product characteristics and uses: home balcony or small courtyard lawn insecticide
Rotate the lamp cover to the left and turn the switch to place the lamp in the ground and place it in a place where it shines.
This mosquito lamp can not only kill mosquitoes, but also can play a decorative role.
Solar Panel: 2V 60mA
Light source: 1PCS white + PCS purple
Power Supply: AA600mAh 1.2V rechargeable battery
Working time: 8 hours
Use: Light switch to "ON2", mosquito switch to "ON1"
 Violet has anti-mosquito effect! White light is just lighting…. If you want to know if there is any anti-mosquito effect, please turn on the blue light of the mosquito killer and touch the metal grid inside the mosquito killer with a small knife (knife). The metal mesh will generate high voltage electricity. If high-voltage electricity is generated, this means that the high-voltage electricity discharged from the metal mesh can kill mosquitoes.

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