ZHAOYAO Portable 6-Pulse Plasma USB Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Lighter – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Powered by a rechargeable battery. You don't need gas/fuel.
Kivos plasma dual arc lighters update revolution – the top double arc completely opens the protective cover.
360-degree unobstructions-perfect lighting cigars, tubes, bowls, cigarettes, candles, incense, bonfires and more!
The bottom power switch provides additional security and helps save power when the lighter is useless.
USB rechargeable – with charging line, easy to charge and use, press the key to light.
High performance polymer aluminum battery can be charged and discharging around 500 times.
Don't keep lighting up for long periods of time. Don't use more than a dozen seconds to extend your product's lifespan
When charging, the indicator light is on and the indicator light will be fully charged when turned off.
Once fully charged, the charging time is sufficient to ignite a cigarette that can be charged between 100 and 200 times.
Our products are the best of all kinds of products packed in gift box
1. Do not put the lighter in water or other liquid, or it will short-circuit the fire
2. After charging (usually 2 hours), please do not connect the power supply, otherwise, the fire chance will damage the battery life
3. The temperature around the arc will reach 400 degrees. Do not touch
4. When the battery is insufficient, the LED indicator turns red, please charge immediately to extend the battery life

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